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Posted on Tuesday, August 12, 2014 at 1:54 pm

Did you know that if you need to dry out shoes or boots a crumpled up newspaper works perfectly? Stuff the newspaper sheets down tight enough and it will help keep the shoe’s shape as it dries.

Back-to-school haircut time. Please do not use a bowl as a haircut pattern! We have great hairstylists here in Hermann. There are Headhunters on Market (who I use), Design Studio on Schiller, Marilyn’s on Market, Tanglez on 18th Street and Impressions on 1st Street. We also have  Rod’s barbershop in town on 16th Street. Did I miss anyone? Send your kids to school looking good . . . and if you can help it, not with a homemade haircut.

Thanks to all the people who supported the VFW BBQs the last few weeks. They were pleased to send checks to both the Wounded Warrior and Honor Flight charities. People in Hermann are so good about giving! What a town!

Sometimes all a girl really needs is a piece of pie. And then, it started. As I was in Sugar Momma’s, getting that piece of pie, I heard and saw a group of ladies huddled up at a table looking back and forth at each other and then cracking up in laughter. They were playing a game. The game was called “eat a jellybean and guess it’s flavor.”

They had purchased a box of jellybean candy called Bean Boozled. I saw a woman make a horrible face and exclaim “That was stinky socks!” Yep, this box of jellybeans had delicious flavors like peach, juicy pear and berry blue but it also had flavors like baby wipes, rotten egg, toothpaste and moldy cheese. YUCK! And yet, what a great party game or gag gift.

Becky Blackaby will be giving a concert of Friday the 15th at 7:30. It’s at the amphitheater so bring your lawn chairs. Price is a simple donation.

Please note the new sign at Sharp Corner. It looks great and is an other example of sprucing up our town.

Norman Horn is walking across America to raise awareness for pediatric cancer. He started in California, not with a banjo on his knee, but has gone through several pairs of sneakers since then. His travels and adventures make a great story.

I think an even bigger story is the hands that have enveloped him on his travel. Mary called me, I posted it on the newspaper Facebook, Sharon from the Stone Giraffe read it, made some calls, donated a room for Norman to stay the night in, he was fed him dinner, he started out the next morning to New Haven, stayed the night with Tom and & Margaret at the Flamingo Key. What  good hearts the people in our river valley have. Phone calls, Facebook, generous businesses and good people all contributing to pediatric cancer research and no one had a clue about this a week ago. Sometimes a ball comes flying at you and you drop it. Other times people (like Tom, Sharon, Eddie, Margaret and Mary) catch the ball and run it in for a touchdown. Bravo!

The Jaycees had a great Asian Carp Fishing Tournament last Saturday. A hot, lazy day, beer in hand, friends at your side, pole in the water. Now that’s a good time. Unless you are the before-mentioned Asian Carp.

Quick reminder that there will be ice cream, bell ringing and auctions this weekend. See the ads in this week’s paper for details. You scream, I scream, we all scream for moldy cheese jellybeans!



Advertiser-Courier General Manager Cathi Utley

Advertiser-Courier General Manager Cathi Utley

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