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Posted on Tuesday, August 26, 2014 at 2:45 pm

I hope the weather is cool as you are reading this. Someone in this town is not living right for us to have such hot temperatures. Admit it and straighten up because these temperatures are crazy and you will be punished!

Our sports editor, Don Kruse, mentioned how tough our football players were for playing so hard in their opening football game in the heat. Some of the younger bearcats played on Saturday afternoon. Thanks, coaches, for keeping a watchful eye and loading all the boys down with water.

The first home game is Friday night. Be sure and go out to cheer on the Bearcats. The score last week was 61-12. WOW “Do it again, Bearcats, do it again” clap, clap.

We have all heard so much about Ferguson lately. A quick note to the police officers  in Hermann. Thanks.

Labor Day in the Hermann area is going to be so fun and busy! I can’t believe the excitement for the Rhineland Truck and Tractor Pull. Is it the loud engines?  Is it the souped-up trucks? You will have to see yourself this Saturday!

Being Labor Day, we all need to take a moment and think about the labor we do and be thankful that we have the ability to do it. We all seem to remember the factory worker, the farmer, the laborer and the medical professionals but there are some who labor that we never think twice about.

As an example, during all of this awful heat (unknown person, have you confessed yet to your wrong living?) I went to Subway. The little girl was friendly and nice but kept looking out the door. I ask if she was there by herself and she said “yes” and that a guy was suppose to join her but he was an hour late. By then, there were 4 people behind me and all I could think about was how “he” was not going to show up. Good for you, girl! You labored on by yourself and made me a great sandwich! Your job may be small in the scheme of things, but a good work ethic is mighty!

Along those lines, a pat on the back to the guys who pick up our trash in this weather. Now there is a “labor” that needs a day. Thanks, guys!

Please note the tribute to our Hometown Hero. Better yet, is there someone who influenced your life or a person who was a big role model to you? Take a minute to say “Thanks.” The Girl/Boy Scout leader, the Sunday school teacher, your classroom teacher or the person who lived next door. Everyone loves a “Thank You” and few us ever get enough.

In case you need some new ways to express yourself. Hot as a firecracker,  hotter than he_ _, hot as a chili pepper, hotter than a tamale, so hot you could fry an egg…

So thank you, person who “ain’t living right.”  Just wait until winter. I have some “ain’t living right” tricks up my sleeve, too.

Advertiser-Courier General Manager Cathi Utley

Advertiser-Courier General Manager Cathi Utley

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