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Posted on Tuesday, September 2, 2014 at 1:07 pm

Did you know that newspapers help ripen tomatoes? Wrap a tomato in newspaper and keep in on the counter. It will ripen faster than normal. Salsa, anyone?

This week’s column is helper friendly. We have a lot of people around this town who like to help!

Trash trucks are hard to follow. The trucks lights are flashing, they are moving slowly and there is a guy hanging on to the back. I followed one the other day and the man on back waved me around. End of story. No, not end of story. Next day, I received an email from Danny Lionberger thanking me for mentioning them in the Corner last week and explaining why he wanted me to pass around them so quickly when I was following them. He said he gets worried about people’s safety when folks are following the sanitation truck.

Very thought provoking. It makes sense. The guy hanging on the back of the truck has to 1) hang on 2) hop off and dump the trash 3) watch that cars are safe while following and trying to pass them and 4) makes sure no one hits him — the lone rider, hanging on for dear life while holding on to a metal bar moving down  the highway. So “hats off to you” Danny and all of your fellow workers!

Here is a guessing game. Who is the mystery man who goes into the alley off Market Street and trims the property of those who can’t do it themselves? Who is the non-assuming superhero who helps keep the grass down at Arminius Park? Who always lends a hand to neighbors who need a little help in their yard? Chuck Hartbauer! With his x-ray vision, he sees grass that needs to be edged and then goes about his work quietly, asking nothing in return but the satisfaction of a well-kept city. Thank you, Super Chuck! All towns need heroes like you.

The City of Hermann Street Department was working on West 7th Street last week. As we all remember, it was HOT!!! Ms. Melva Sheldon called me at the newspaper office to let me know about the men working on the street in the heat. She thought someone should recognize the hard work they were doing in the hot temperature. Ms. Shelton was concerned and had taken water out to them several times. The workers told me they thought she was very sweet to be concerned and I agree! Another example of another helper in this town!

River City Cruisers Car Club is having its car show on Sunday! This is such a fun event. I love looking at all the beautiful vehicles, over hearing stories and I love the wonderment in my son’s eyes as he takes in all that chrome. One year when he was little, he swore he saw Batman’s car and spent the rest of the time looking for him. Join us this weekend for the fun. Oh, and it cost nothing to gawk at the cars or to look for Batman.

Big changes at Lyndee’s Restaurant?  I can’t wait! In the meantime, shop locally, eat locally, gas up locally (watch it!) vacation locally and wrap your green tomatoes in the Hermann Advertiser Courier. After the fruit is ripe, you might want to re-read this column.


Advertiser-Courier General Manager Cathi Utley

Advertiser-Courier General Manager Cathi Utley

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