Winter punched us in the stomach early

Posted on Tuesday, January 7, 2014 at 4:33 pm

IMG_1546By Don Kruse, Editor

The Advertiser-Courier

As I was driving around town Monday morning looking for snow scenes to photograph, I understood why snowbirds head to the sun belt in January. It was cold here.
In recent years, I have come to dread January. Maybe we all get too wrapped up in weather forecasts, or see that things have slowed down after the holidays. Everyone is on a high during late November and the month of December. We celebrate beautiful seasons like Thanksgiving and Christmas. There’s feasting with family and friends, and gatherings we don’t experience but once a year.
This year  we barely got out of the holidays when the cold weather hit us in the midsection.
The Christmas decorations were still up in lots of places Sunday when the coldest winter weather in two decades followed a deep snowfall.

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