8-point buck caught in winter’s elements on Missouri River at Hermann

Posted on Tuesday, January 14, 2014 at 2:23 pm

Deer on iceBy staff writer

An 8-point buck that was discovered on the frozen Missouri River in sub-zero temperatures last week had to be put down by local authorities.

The Hermann Police Department was called around 7:30 last Wednesday morning and was told that a buck was spotted on the ice not far from the bait house, according to Police Officer Linkee Carrillo. Local officers observed the fairly-large buck lying on ice about 25-yards from the Hermann riverfront.
The following day, Missouri Department of Conservation agents gave local police notice to put the deer down.
After observing the deer for over 24 hours, officers believe it had been in the icy river for some time, apparantly getting caught on ice that had broken away. They also believe the deer was ill after a long struggle to survive the elements.
The deer appeared to be listless when it was first spotted on the ice.
“It was obvious the deer was not going to make it,” said Frank Tennant, Hermann Chief of Police.

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