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Hermann High School 1st semester honor roll

Posted on Tuesday, January 28, 2014 at 2:56 pm

Grade 9
Julie Anderson, Alida Bader, Dalton Bickmeyer, Grant Bucher, Andrew Budnik, Brandi Buesking, McKenzie Chasteen, Allison Edwards, Madelyn Eldringhoff, Emily Engemann, Allie Faerber, Austin Gerlemann, Marissa Grannemann, Dakota Hackmann, Dana Hart, Matthew Heidger, Paige Hellmann, Ross Henson, Heather Hofmeister, Ellie Holland, Michaela Hubbard, Gregory Jacquin, Sarah Keiser, Jillian Kolbe, Claire Kotthoff,  Gunnar Krull, Tyler Kuhn, Morgan LaBoube, Larissa Lackman, Garrett Leimkuehler, Aleigha Maddox, Makena Mayberry, Trey McKague, Shyan McKee, Isaac McMahan, Travis Minks, Andrew Niiro, Olivia Pohlmann, Kaitlin Rohlfing, Katherine Rose, Hunter Scheidegger, Claire Schneider, Justin Schneider and Kaileigh Tyree.

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Grade 10
Jacob Bockting, Shania Branson, Isaac Brooks, Desirae Dotson, Dakota Eikermann, Kaylee Eldringhoff,  Ashlyn Fries, Brittany Godat, Cameron Hackmann, Katrina Hagedorn, Colton Hale, Trevor Hartman, Heather Hingst, Kayla Huelskamp, Donnita Johnson, John Keiser, Ryan Kottmann, Conner Lane, Cody Manley, Elijah Mure, Marshall Mure, Hannah Oberg, Justin Penn-Lavely, Grant Raterman, Joshua Schroer, Taylor Stutzman, Tiera Walkenbach and Kyle Walker.

Grade 11
Hunter Birkenstock, Ryan Bulinski, Grace Busch, Kayla Collins, Cody Crabtree, Amy Engelbrecht, Mikayla Engemann, Rachel Florence, Dalton Gillig, Blake Gleeson, Levi Gleeson, Valerie Hagedorn, Amanda Hanger, Nathaniel Hasza, Colten Hubbard,  Kara Hughes, Savanah Knipping, John Knudsen, Jarrod Kolbe, Katherine Korostynski, Emily Kunz,

Veronica LaBoube, Britany Lansford, Jordan Leicht, Gwen LeRoy, Andrew Loehnig, Reagan Michnal, Devin Minks, Blake Overkamp, Nicole Parrott, Avery Reidhead, Victoria Roodhouse, Tesla Ruediger, Taylor Sanders, Samuel Schacht, Gabriela Schannuth, Joshua Schannuth, Arthur Schneider, Madison Schneider, Makaley Schneider, Zachary Speckhals, Kayla Spreckelmeyer, Hannah Stucky, Hannah Weaver, Hunter Wilkinson and Austin Wurtz.

Grade 12
Marissa Blocker-Strassner, Ethan Brandt, Kindrea Burwell, Emilie Diebal, Desiree Dobson, Lindsay Edwards, Sara Fahrenholtz, Jacob Gann, Timothy Garbs, Erin Gerlemann, Kelsey Giddens, Jamie Gleeson, Emma Gloe, Haley Gojohn, Collin Hart, Ashley Hawkins, Benjamin Held, Alison Heying, Katlyn Hoener, Cullen Horstmann,
Christopher Hug, Graham Kent, Katherine Kernen, Karinne Lane, Breanna Lattin, Kirsten Leimkuehler, Joshua Lewis, Alexander Moll, Victoria Moser, Casey Neuner, Devin Oberg, Brianna Overkamp, Sydnee Pate, Benjamin Pottebaum, Billy Rea, Andrew Riddell, Shane Romick, Grant Ruediger, Zachary Ruediger, Hayley Stiers, Kali Stiers, Emily Thompson, Emma Todd and Craig Winkelmann.

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