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This has been a serious winter

Posted on Tuesday, February 18, 2014 at 3:49 pm

Don Kruse

Don Kruse

By Don Kruse, Editor

The Advertiser-Courier

This has been an “old-fashioned” winter, Doug Stock said just the other day.
Stock, an area farmer, was lamenting the long, cold winter we’ve been enduring, and he was concerned about the heifers that were calving. This winter has been tough on the farmers and livestock. If beef cattle are out in a pasture in six inches of snow, what do you do when it’s calving time? For farmers that brings concerns of weaning, sickness and housing.
Stock made that statement a couple of weeks ago. There have been more ugly winter days since then. To borrow a word from the 60s, Mother Nature gave us a “serious” winter.
This past Monday morning as I was about to walk out of my garage, I found an iced-over driveway. This winter has been seriously cold, with a lot of snow and freezing rain.
When I set a bowl of cat food down on the driveway like I do every morning, it took off, sliding down the slightly angled concrete slab. The bowl stopped against what was once a pile of snow, now turned into a ball of ice from thawing late last week, and the fairly heavy rain on Monday morning. The cats started eating, but I had a fretful time figuring out how I was going to get down Highway 19 on my way to work.

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