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Posted on Tuesday, January 2, 2018 at 3:04 pm

Gasconade County R-1 Superintendent Tracey Hankins.

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education annually evaluates school districts in Missouri. Following that evaluation, the District Report Card is published. The District Report Card, as well as other relevant data, is published on the Gasconade Co. R-I School District website at www.hermann.k12.mo.us.
The kindergarten through twelfth-grade enrollment was 960 students. Research shows that students who attend school regularly achieve higher academic success. We are proud to report the attendance rate of our students continues to be maintained well above the State average, 88.7%, with a district attendance rate of 93.4%. The goal for attendance set by the District is 95% for every student.
Students in the District eligible for free or reduced-price lunch programs fall below the State average of 51.2%, at 45.3% in the GCR-I District. This federal service is provided for families in need. If your family has a change in income status during the school-year please contact the office to receive an application for meal benefits. It is important to provide our students with healthy meals, improving health, academic achievement, and wellness.
More students at Hermann High School are graduating in four years, 95.18%, than the Missouri average High School, 88.33%. Additionally, it is the mission of the Gasconade Co. R-I School District to enable our students to reach their full academic potential and to become responsible citizens. High graduation rate results begin in kindergarten. Parents, teachers, and the community contribute to the success of each student. Further, the drop out rate at HHS is one-half that of the average in Missouri, 0.9% District-wide. Sixty-five percent of students graduating from Hermann High School further their education in 4-year, two-year or technical colleges/universities.
The State average teacher to student ratio is 17:1, while the District maintains a 16:1 ratio. The average years of experience for teachers in the District is 12 years. Teachers in the District make an average salary of $39,868, approximately $10,000 less than the average teacher’s salary in the State. Likewise, administrator’s in the District average $73,315, approximately $18,193 below the average Missouri administrator. The Board of Education is committed to narrowing this gap in order to attract and retain highly qualified teachers.
Funding of the student’s education comes primarily from three sources local, state, and federal. The average percentage of revenue from each is comparable to the state average, local 61.67%, state 29.35%, and federal 8.99%.
You may access the full report on the District website at www.hermann.k12.mo.us or on the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education website at dese.mo.gov.