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Cathi’s Corner

Posted on Tuesday, January 2, 2018 at 2:00 pm

Cathi Utley is the general manager of the Hermann Advertiser-Courier.

The Lord gives you a chicken and the Lord takes it away.
If you read my column, you know I love chickens but have done a terrible job raising them. Even so, I guess I have a reputation of loving chickens. But when Kathy from the Missouri Bank called and said that there was a stray chicken running around the bank, could I help?
My “super chicken woman” shirt and cape came out and off I went. To be fair, the chicken may have just escaped from its pen but it was going to be 14 degrees that night and we didn’t need a chicken Popsicle, so I took it home.
People seemed to like that I filmed trying to catch the chicken so I continued to film the next day.
If any girl with a chicken had a more delightful day, I can’t imagine it. We were welcomed everywhere we went. Not only were people calling me and emailing me about that sweet chicken but there were offers to take her in.
First thing I learned was an important lesson. If you are going to carry a chicken around, better put its bottom part in a plastic bag. I changed my clothes; you can guess why.
So off we went. I tried to get a free soda at BP by saying the chicken’s name was on the marque. It didn’t work. The police didn’t have a clue about the lost chicken and to be quite honest, I’m not sure he cared. Hum.
I ran down to the Hermann Wurst Haus thinking they may have lost a chicken that they were smoking for someone. No, but we left quickly when the Wurstmeister mentioned chicken bratwurst.
Walking down the street and passing in front of Wings-a-Blazin’ was stupid on my part. The chicken was panicked and with good reason. We ran from the place and came to rest in one of the recliners at Strassner Furniture. Janet enjoyed having us but gave us the “look” until she saw the plastic grocery bag wrapped around the chicken.
Then I had a get idea! The Rustic Rooster barber shop might have a lead on a home for the rogue chicken. They didn’t but were happy to see such a loving fowl. We couldn’t stay, but went back to the office where the sweetest little girl, Bae, wanted to add the chicken to her grandma’s flock.
So ended the day with the chicken. No one pecked, no one else “messed” on and several people enjoyed watching the day of the chicken.
Question: What’s next? Will the bank call if a rogue skunk starts circling the bank?