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Cathi’s Corner

Posted on Tuesday, January 30, 2018 at 12:49 pm

Cathi Utley is the general manager of the Hermann Advertiser-Courier.

So the Super Bowl is almost here. Or more importantly, Super Bowl commercials are almost here. So pass the chips, the brats and the wine. Commercial time!
In fact, check out what BP has to offer in the way of last-minute snacks. They have almost everything you need for the game. Soda, beer, local wine, chips, ice, tobacco, dips and milk. Don’t you stock up on chocolate milk for the Super Bowl? Maybe my family is just odd that way.
Hermann Wurst Haus also has meat platters and tasty trays for the big game. Ya know, Wurstmeister Mike’s German Bologna, summer sausage and a glass of Norton does sound better than milk. Even if it’s chocolate milk.
I want to throw out a big Thank You to the folks in county government that have worked on the Courthouse. I know that some of you have been called dirty dogs during the roofing process. I think people have just been frustrated and took it out on you. Regardless, you have worked diligently to have the Courthouse restored to its original beauty and continue to work for its safety. A big Thank You to all elected officials, to the office folks, to the janitors and to you all. Thanks!
Congratulations to Allison Stiers for making her 1,000th basketball point in a tournament game last week! Way to go, girl! I think we should all drink one of her Grandpa’s 1837 root beers in her honor. It’s sold all over Hermann. Go ahead. If we hear someone taking a swig and remarking “Here’s to you, Allison,” we’ll know what’s going on and that you’re not crazy. Well, you may be crazy but it’s not because of Allison.
Excitement next Tuesday when the Hermann Library sponsors the”Story of Adeline, a slave who lived in Savannah, Missouri.” It is sure to be an enjoyable and educational evening! It’s free but call to let them know you are coming! 573-486-2024.
It’s almost “Kiss a Farmer Week.” I’m ready! Chap Stick in hand, I’m ready to kiss all the farmers I can. I mean THANK them. Thank a farmer week! No kissing. I’m putting my Chap Stick up. Again, NO KISSING, just thanking. More details next week.
Tin Mill Restaurant is becoming a steak house. YUMMY!!! As part of the newspaper, I feel it is my duty to try it out and review it. For our readerss sake. And, Jim Deirberg, a complimentary meal would go a long way towards a good review. Just saying. And mayor, is this a new restaurant or a refurbished restaurant? I still don’t understand how the count is tallied. All I know is that I love the restaurants in Hermann from the Vintage, the Deli, 4th Street Pizza and Harvest Table down to fast food like Hardee’s and Subway. Hermann is blessed!
Maybe you could take a farmer to one of our restaurants as a thank you. Maybe you could take Allison Stiers to one. Maybe you could watch the Super Bowl in one that has a TV. Maybe I’ll enjoy chocolate milk as I watch the commercials.