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Cathi’s Corner

Posted on Tuesday, February 20, 2018 at 11:18 am

Cathi Utley is the general manager of the Hermann Advertiser-Courier.

Sometimes you just have to go to Walmart. I went Saturday. I needed socks. Here is the new way things work at Walmart. You go in and you notice the shopping cart is different. It has a drink holder and some other kind of holder. You look confused. The greeter explains. She gives you a scanner (Yes, your own personal scanner) and a stack of bags. You do your regular shopping, she explains, and when you pick up an article to purchase, you scan it right then, place it in a bag, put the scanner on its holder and continue on to your next item.
EXCUSE ME??? I scan and bag while I walk down the aisles? What if I forget to scan something? Do I go to Walmart jail because I forgot to scan the Tums? I thought the aisles in Walmart were small before but now there are 17 people trying to scan and bag and holding up traffic. All I wanted down this aisle was a can of nuts! I can get nuts in Hermann. In fact, (Here it comes) Hermann is full of nuts, ha! And that, my friends, is the new Walmart way!
Hermann, on the other hand, is just old and backward. Yep, store employees in Hermann remember your name, guide you if you can’t find something, ask how you liked the sermon last week at church, noted what a great job your kid did in the school program and ask about your family’s health. What a shame we live in such an unenlightened town. So old fashioned. So runted. So backward. I don’t know about you but give me small and hokey any day! And that, my friends, is the Hermann way.
Please take note of the 2 new advertisers on the Senior Perspective page. Victorian Place and New Haven Care Center along with Toedtmann & Grosse all care and support our aging population. Thanks! The older generations help make the Hermann area feel like home.
I want to share with you my new love. Springerle cookies! Not only are these intricately molded cookies beautiful to look at but they are delicious to eat. You can find all you need to make them, including molds, at Deutschheim State Historic Site in Hermann. The older recipes were flavored with anise but I am not a fan so I experimented with almond, vanilla and chocolate. Springerles are time consuming to make but the joy of baking them is worth the trouble. Best of all, they’re a German tradition and therefore, a Hermann tradition. I just get all warm and fuzzy feeling when I think about Hermann tradition and Hermann’s past. Sometimes looking to the past gives you the right direction for tomorrow.
One last thing, as the nation mourns the passing of 17 school students and teachers in Florida let us be thankful for our area schools. Both St. George and Hermann public have in motion ways to keep students safe. We may, at times, think school rules are too strict or that schools are acting paranoid but it only takes one, let alone 17, to justify stringent safety rules. Thank you, school personnel and local law enforcement, for watching over our children so well.