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Cathi’s Corner

Posted on Tuesday, February 27, 2018 at 11:16 am

Cathi Utley is the general manager of the Hermann Advertiser-Courier.

One week from today is the deadline to register to vote. If you want to vote in the local races on April 3, register now!
I know you are thinking about pancakes as you read the paper. You always are. Not to worry. The Lions Club pancake breakfast is this Sunday. You could win tickets to get in FREE! See the ad and past the syrup!
So the St Paul UCC Handbell Choir is having a trivia night. Let’s see if you are ready. What movie from 1968 featured a pot of gold and starred Fred Astaire and Petula Clark? Do you know?
Wurstfest is almost upon us. Better yet, the wiener dog race is almost here. I tell you every year and every year it’s true. The best part of Wurstfest is the dog derby. Trivia, what was the age of the oldest Daschund before she died?
Did you make it to Blondie’s last weekend for the big party? I didn’t make it but I understand they had great refreshments. Dolls and cookies? You can’t beat that!
Speaking of cookies, my springerle cookies are coming along very well. I’m working on Easter now and having fun with all the molds and colors that come along with a good Easter Springerle. If you happen to need an outing, going to Deutschheim on West 2nd is a nice place to spend some time. You can enjoy looking at all the springerle molds and rolling pins. They are pieces of art in themselves. Do you know when the first springele cookies were made? Well? Now I’ve got you thinking don’t I?
Here are the trivia answers. The movie about the post of gold? Finian’s Rainbow. My favorite movie of all times! The oldest Daschund? 21 years and 114 days old. The first springerle is believed to be from 14th Century Germany.
If you got all the answers right, you may proceed to the Trivia Contest. If not, go to jail. Go directly to jail. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200.