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Cathi’s Corner

Posted on Tuesday, March 13, 2018 at 11:19 am

Cathi Utley is the general manager of the Hermann Advertiser-Courier.

Let’s get one thing straight. Somebody’s not living right. For us to have the snow that we did this weekend, someone’s not right. That’s all I’m saying about it, Theresa Black.*

Baseball season is upon us. Hermann will playing at home on Friday so come out and watch. It’s FREE and loads of fun. And speaking of sports, the Hermann Youth Football league has sign-ups on Saturday. See the ad.
Congratulations to the Chamois Pirates for being Number 4 in the state of Missouri for basketball. It’s the first time they have made it to the Final Four and everyone is so proud. Shiver-me-timbers, you did a great thing!

One more sports mention. Check out the bracket for March Madness. BP is sponsoring it, which is good because you can stop by there for soda or chips for the games. But tell me this: Why is it called March Madness when the winner is determined in April? Sounds like lack of planning to me.
OK, so this is unusual: An old-fashioned barber, (with the hot towel and straight- edged razor) a cold beer and relaxation in a place that allows smoking! In Hermann! Really, in Hermann! See the ad! That does sound great and I don’t even smoke or need a shave!

So this weekend I’m finishing up a bunch of Easter springerle cookies. I make them with the old-fashioned ingredient that I get from Deutschheim called Hartshorn. It is an old leavening ingredient but contains ammonia. The ammonia bakes off and makes a delicious cookie. Just don’t eat the raw cookie dough because of that ammonia.

So I’m mixing my dough and because it’s Easter I decide to make this batch pink. The dough looks beautiful. I need to refrigerate it so I turn and head to the refrigerator.

We have a new dog at our home. Very friendly, sweet and nosey.
As I turn around with the bowl of cookie dough, guess who decides he needs to figure out what I’ve got in the bowl? After all, it could be dog food. As I trip over the before-mentioned canine, I drop the bowl. The dough falls out and the dog begins to enjoy the Hartshorn-infused treat. Ammonia! Oh, no! I grab about as fast as he can eat. I get about half of the dough off the floor and turn to throw it in the sink and as I do, I hit the bottle of food dye.

Now I don’t skimp on cookie ingredients so it was the good, strong coloring. The kind that will keeps its tint for months or maybe years. Luckily the good kind is also thick and doesn’t lend itself to much spillage. End of story, I have one pink finger and the dog has a pink, ammonia-smelling mouth. Good times in the Utley household!
* She’s been doing a “snow dance” all winter hoping for snow.