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Cathi’s Corner

Posted on Tuesday, March 14, 2017 at 11:06 am

Seventy degrees. SN

Cathi Utley is the general manager of the Hermann Advertiser-Courier.

OW. Fifty degrees. Who says Mother Nature can’t squeeze four seasons into one month? More importantly, why would she?
Monday morning with the time change and the overcast skies, it was a bit eerie, almost Halloween-looking in town. I saw vehicles with snow still on them and daffodils wilted. Not a fan of the summer, this girl is looking forward to spring weather again.
As you see in this week’s paper, Hermann has been a musical town the last couple of weeks. What a great foundation in the arts our school provides. In fact, our school provides many foundations in several areas.
Coming from a town about the same size, in Arkansas, down by the Missouri Bootheel, the opportunities for our students are overwhelmingly better here than there.
Except, that is, for: Supplies, repairs, books, computers and equipment needed to help our children learn. If Hermann’s school district can do so much with so little, just think how much brighter our future generations will be with a little more. And, yes, I’m urging you to vote “Yes” on the school proposition.
Back to music. I want to mention three students who stand out in the Bearcat music world. They are Isaac McMahan, Jake Bucher and Ben Brennell. All are music-orientated, mannerly, team players and talented. The entire music program is great but I just wanted to mention these outstanding three. Wait. They are all guys. That’s not fair. No more complimenting guys. Never again! Unless, of course, they deserve it!
The Mouse Races are on for this weekend! Postponed by weather once, Bruce Cox promises no ice or snow this weekend. The races are at Firehouse 1 and promise to be great fun for a worthy cause. See the ad.
Speaking of firemen, Sunday night our brave guys had to slide into hero mode for what might have been devastation of a local landmark. An alert citizen saw smoke pouring into the Hermann Wurst Haus and called 911. Yep, there was smoke. The fire department went through the required drill for safety and prevention and found that it was a meat smoker puffing smoke into the building.
Thankfully, no one was hurt. The building and all products are fine. Who’s up for some extra-smoky bratwurst? Thanks, guys, for being the heroes we can count on. Wait . . . I’m giving kudos to guys again! Hold on while I think of some women to praise.
Think. Think. I’ve got it! Does anyone know why the Hermann Wurstfest is such a big success? Pam Jacquin. She is chairman of the event and does a spectacular job! Finding judges, vendors, competitors, visitors, prizes, coordinating volunteers, being blamed for anything going wrong and so many other things that merit her a pat on the back! Thanks, Pam!!! By the time the Wurstfest is over, she’ll need some wine. Some good strong wine! Thankfully, she’s in the right place to get it!
Another girl!!! Laine at Espresso Laine is sending items to soldiers overseas. You know the folks, the ones serving our country. Many of you reading, may have done the same. Short notice but Thursday morning at 9:30 a.m. she is packing stuff to send. That leaves you little time but stop by Espresso Laine (across form Hermannhof) with soap, deodorant, lotions, lip balm or make a cash donation to send the ones that serve us. Thanks for doing it, Laine!
Enjoy your week, go to the Mouse Races, watch the school music videos on the newspaper’s Facebook page and think about living in our safe, well-protected town!