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Cathi’s Corner

Posted on Tuesday, April 18, 2017 at 2:13 pm

Cathi Utley is the general manager of the Hermann Advertiser-Courier.

What a lovely Easter! The United Methodist cross wrapping went from royal purple to stark black to brilliant white. Lovely Easter, indeed.
Needing a place to put your business? The old Chamber/license bureau is now available for rent. Call me at 573-486-5418  for more info!
Hermann Farmers Market is now open! I slept late, missed the kale and I’m mad! Would somebody please save me some kale!! And if someone has beets, I want them, too. I know you catch more flies with honey but . . .  I was so mad at myself about missing the kale!
On to other things. The Hermann Antique Show is this week. It’s taking place at the Festhalle and Celebration Hall this Saturday from 10-4. The show is sponsored by Hermannhof and promises to be a treat for the eyes. Since Eric Nichols is heading it up, you know it will be fantastic! See you there!
This week there are too many obituaries. Way too many. But it reminds me how lucky we are to have such a highly respected funeral home in our area. Toedtmann- Grosse funeral home has been around forever and with good reason. They have good business practices and are kind. What a winning combination!
It will soon be time for the National Day of Prayer. The Ministerial Alliance is offering up a chance to participate by meeting at the Courthouse on May 4. The time is “high noon.” Like cowboys, we’ll meet and lift our concerns knowing that “where two or more gather . . .” will bring peace to the OK Corral. OK, bad analogy but it is an important event!
Still counting down to Maifest. The car show, the quilt show, puppet shows, story time, vendors, dancers and parade will make it a wonderful event. Oh, and fish sandwiches. Can’t forget the fish sandwiches! To be in the parade, give me a call! 486-5418.
The parade theme this year is very appropriate: “Hermann, a small town with big possibilities.” Yes. Yes, we do have big possibilities. Look where this town came from. Look where we are today. I just love this town!
Big thanks to Chuck Hartbauer for working so hard on the parkways around Market Street. They look beautiful and a lot of it has to do with your hard work! And speaking of beautiful, the caboose is looking good since Ben Brenelle is doing his Eagle Scout project by landscaping around it. Scouts are such a blessing to a small town. The amphitheater has the nice enclosed bulletin board due to an Eagle Scout project and now this. Here’s to Scouting! Hip, hip, hooray!
Remember the Henson name. Some think there will be another “Tiger Woods” in our mist if the brothers keep going as they are. I don’t understand golf and because of that, I find it a bit boring. But I do find having outstanding sports or academic students to be very exciting. Keep it up, team!
Last item, my chickens had a great Easter holiday. They received special treats and like some crazy woman, I took Easter pictures of them. I thought that by being 55 years old, I had finally become an adult. Now I’m convinced I am still a child or am reverting back onto one. Anyone want to come over for a play date and play dress-up with the chickens?