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Cathi’s Corner

Posted on Tuesday, December 5, 2017 at 1:08 pm

Cathi Utley is the general manager of the Hermann Advertiser-Courier.

And so it begins. Paying it forward at Hardee’s. I love driving up to find my order was paid for by the person in front of me. It makes me feel very merry.
Merriness abounds everywhere you look in Hermann, including the Old German School (Historic Hermann Museum) where I was happy to purchase the apple cake I crave.
Cathi’s tradition is: Go to the German School, buy apple cake, a book or two and other German baked delights. Go to my car, unwrap the smallest apple cake and eat it in my car. I savor every bite and think happy Christmas thoughts. This year I was too late for a small cake so . . . my tradition continued but on a larger scale.
Linda Miskel was in charge of making the cake this year. The old German recipe is different from the one she was used to and she was curious if she could pull it off. Linda, you did! It was delicious.
And I must tell you that volunteers of all kinds are great! But my favorite volunteers bake! I also enjoyed Ms. Rita Thomas’ cinnamon rolls and cakes and cookies from other bakers that are anonymous. Plan on attending next weekend and start your own eat-it-in-the-car-before-you-get-it-home tradition.
“Only in your State” website picked 8 Holiday House Tours In Missouri That Will Put You In The Christmas Spirit. They listed Hermann House Tours as Number 1 in the state. The tour took place last weekend and was a great success. Paula Brewer was in charge of the tour and did a great job! Thanks to her and the homeowners who participated!
A great thing to do this weekend is to visit the Tablescapes display at the Rotunda. I had no idea there were such imaginative people around Hermann. It really is a sight to see.
Have you signed up for the TV give-a-way yet? You know, it’s not just any ol’ TV. It’s a smart TV. Crazy, right? It has built-in streaming channels and other features that I am too old to understand. It is always helpful to have a 15-year-old son around to figure all this high-tech stuff out! I might be able to rent him out if you win. HA. Make sure you sign up! All the participating sponsors are in the paper.
A fast reminder to tip your local helpers this Christmas — garbage collectors, hair dressers, mail carriers, favorite wait staff or mechanic. Last year a new trash collector told me that he couldn’t believe the tips he received. He said he had worked in several different towns but Hermann showed their appreciation better than any of the others. Nice job, Hermann!
Christmas in Starkenburg is this weekend. Another Hermann-area Christmas tradition! A giving room for the kids, Handbell Ensemble at St George, Grand Opening at One More Time and CHRISTkindl at Hermannhof. Wow! See the ads.
Good stuff, Hermann. Good stuff.
Please continue to shop locally. There are some great bargains to be had around town. Don’t forget that there are two locally owned stores that have toys: Blondie’s Dolls (much more than dolls) on Schiller street and Espresso Laine (much more than coffee) across from Hermannhof.
Oh, and don’t forget, a new house would make a lovely gift! See the ads.