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Origins of the term “honeymoon”

It has become tradition for married couples to jet off on a                                                 

 post-wedding vacation. This honeymoon is a way for

the bride and groom to enjoy quiet time together and

start off their married life together on an intimate level.

 Although the word “honeymoon” has happy

 connotations today, the original meanings of the

word may not be so blissful. There are varying accounts

 of the evolution of the word “honeymoon,” but many believe it to be a Norse tradition deriving from the word “hjunottsmanathr.” Northern European history

describes women being abducted from their families and forced into marriage with a man from a neighboring village. This husband would take his new bride into hiding and stay there for a while until it was certain the bride’s family had given up the hunt and retreated. It was also tradition for Scandinavian couples to drink a sweet, honey-infused wine known as mead for a month after getting married. This may be where the “honey,” for the sweet drink, and the”moon,” for the one-month period of time, originated. Others say “honeymoon” refers to a sarcastic quip that a marriage starts out sweet as honey, but then wanes much as the moon will each cycle.