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Relax & Renew offers another option for dealing with stressful lifestyle

Posted on Tuesday, May 15, 2018 at 10:36 am

The staff of Relax & Renew, from left, Jamie Mires, Denise Albritton and Ashley Oberhaus.

As life’s stressful moments begin to mount, from early in the morning to late at night, a brief escape begins to sound better and better.
Whether it’s in a place surrounded by pleasant artwork or the feel of the ocean, the latest respite from life’s daily pangs can be found on Market Street.
Relax & Renew, a massage therapy provider, has opened its doors. Located next to the Hermann Branch of Scenic Library, Relax & Renew offers a variety of settings for deep tissue massage or a body scrub or just a quiet place to sit and meditate about the meaning of that hectic life you’re living.
Whether for individuals or couples, Relax & Renew can accommodate.
Denise Albritton is the owner-operator of Relax & Renew and one of two professional massage therapists. The other is Jamie Mires, a St. Charles native who has relocated to Hermann and who says she will never move away.
Taking care of the marketing and business end of the operation is Office Manager Ashley Oberhaus, Albritton’s daughter.
The therapists say there is an uptick in the number of people looking to receive massage. “People want to feel better,” Mires said, adding that “it’s a stressful world.”
Albritton said she’s seeing an increasing number of older residents. “I get a lot of senior citizens who come because it promotes their circulation,” she said.
Mires said she works with a significant number of younger people. “I see a lot of teenagers,” she said, noting that some of those are using massage to help heal from a sports injury.
Mires said getting the muscles prepared for the stress of sports is important. “If the muscles are more relaxed, it’s less likely they’ll get hurt later,” she said.
Born and raised in Hermann, Albritton has been providing massage service since 2008. “What I wanted to do (at Relax & Renew) was create a space where a massage therapist could create their own (working environment) and grow,” she said.
There are five therapy rooms available now — each with a theme such as the Art Room, Ocean Room and so forth — and more being prepared.
There is also a room for individuals who might be in need of massage but doesn’t necessary like being touched. For them, there is the Roller Room, which features a bed equipped with heated jade stones that vibrate, giving the same sensation as a hands-on massage.
For those in the market for a body scrub, or simply a foot scrub, there are shower facilities available at Relax & Renew.
Sessions can be scheduled Monday-Saturday from 9 a.m.-7 p.m., based on therapist availability.
And, according to Oberhaus, the company hopes to be recruiting additional therapists in the near future.