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Remember When

Posted on Tuesday, January 9, 2018 at 1:29 pm

125 years ago
We notice that when a mother and daughter alight from a buggy the mother always ties the horse.

Two movers’ wagons were on the streets last Friday, going Northwest. Think of the women and children who traveled in these wagons all day, and spent all night in them.

Adv: Perfumery! The best extracts made and put up in the most tasteful manner at Eagle Drugstore

100 years ago
An appeal to the people of Missouri to reduce the consumption of meat products has been issued by the Federal Food Administration for Missouri.

The river here has a solid cover of ice and people are passing over the free bridge with safety.

60 years ago
Richard Lenger, a junior, and Terry Riegel, a sophomore, were the respective top scorers of the Herman Bearcats and the St. George Hilltoppers as the second half of the season got underway.

50 years ago
Deborah Sue Starke is the winner of the first baby of the year contest.

The City of Hermann’s annual gift to its light and power customers amounted to $11,661.40.

Despite flooding which closed the Missouri River for two weeks at the height of the navigation season, navigation tonnage figures set a new record for the 1967 season.