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Adam Puchta Winery outside Hermann MO

          Adam Puchta began his winery in the rolling hills of Hermann in 1855.                                      

Today it is the oldest family-owned winery in theUnited States.

Adam Puchta enjoyed great success with his wines, selling them locally, nationally and internationally until theU.S.government shut him down when Prohibition was ratified in 1919.

When Prohibition was finally repealed in 1933, with the passage of the 21st Amendment, the farm was still growing some crops and a few grapes for home winemaking, but there was no real market for the grapes that made the family so famous decades before. After the repeal, most of the American taste for alcoholic beverages was focused in the spirits world of distilled products. Years of dry (or mostly dry) life pushed the demand for stronger drinks to a much higher level than it had been prior to Prohibition.

In 1990, Tim Puchta reopened his beloved family farm winery in theFreneValleynear Hermann, with the dream of once again having the Puchta name associated with fine wines.

Tim Puchta is the sixth generation winery operator and his seventh-generation sons, Spencer and Parker, lead his winery’s celebration of 150 years of continuous family ownership, making it the oldest family-owned winery in theUnited States.