On Sunday, June 2, six students received the Rite of Confirmation with Rev. Rodger Kiepe officiating at St. Paul United Church of Christ. From left, Allyson Hollrah is the daughter of Jayson and Raylene Hollrah and her sponsor is Dawn Sanderlin; Clara Scheible is the daughter of Jerry and Rh… Read more

Hermann Cadette Girl Scout Troop # 30657 attended “The Magic of Chemistry” event at Mizzou on March 2. The girls conducted fun experiments learning about prisms and the color of light, chromatography with M&Ms and Skittles, learning about luminescence by making glow in the dark slime, ty… Read more

I’m missing Hardees already. Yes, I tried toast two mornings in a row. No, it was not as satisfying as a Hardees biscuit. Yes, I’m glad Kathy doesn’t have to go in at 3:30 AM to fix said biscuits. Read more