Cathi's Corner

So proud of our athletic crowds. We do have parents that yell about plays, degree of hustle and occasionally something derogatory about the coaches. But during the Hermann Invitational Championship game, Hermann was very well behaved. Not so much the parents of Montgomery City. Our neighbors at MC had their emotions running high. It was for the championship after all. There were cussing, screaming and boos. I’m talking about adults. Maybe not old enough to drink yet but old enough to cuss. Along with that, funny story, before the game began one of the school officials walked over to the group of MC teenagers and said, “NO! We will have none of that. If you are going to act like that, I will send your a$$ home”. That teenage group was loud and rowdy but not over the top. I wish that school official had talked to the parents.

No one likes to show their bad side during a game but when it’s YOUR TEAM playing with by YOUR CHILD it can be hard to hold your tongue. For the most part, Hermann respects sporting rules of good sportsmanship. We whisper under our breath and to our seat mates, but seldom do we become unglued. Another funny story from Friday night. Someone from the Hermann crowd yelled something bad as an official walked by. The official snapped around, scanned the crowd and saw his buddy Ed Branhof (kids call him Coach Ed) and broke into a big smile. I was so worried a big fight was about to break out. Gotta love old friends.


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