HHS band students play in Honor and Concert Bands

These Hermann High School band students were selected to perform a concert in the prestigious Honor and Concert Bands last Saturday at Waynesville High School. From left, Colin Jones - 1st Chair Euphonium in Honor Band, Kylie Hoven - 9th Chair Clarinet in Honor Band, Logan McMahan - 6th Chair Flute in Concert Band, and Charlotte Ervin - 5th Chair Flute in Concert Band.

Four HHS Band students participated in the Missouri Central District All-District Concert and Honor Bands on Saturday, Nov. 2 at Waynesville  High School. The students were selected, along with students from other schools in the Central District, to participate one of the bands based on a live audition in front of judges on Oct. 8.  The top players from these auditions were combined together for a day of rehearsal, totaling roughly six hours, followed by an evening concert.