Cathi's corner

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it but the road up to the hospital rides really well. Thanks city workers.

Also thanks to the Anderson Family who stays after all the ball games making sure balls are put up and that chairs are collected. Along those lines; the folks who keep the school clean do a fabulous job. I wish my house had such shiny floors!

Congrats to the Chiefs and good luck in the Super Bowl. You are making Missouri proud.

Were you aware that this Friday is National Fun Day? I wonder what that means. What is fun to one person might not be such fun to another. Fun for me? A nap. Fun for others? A game of tennis. On National Horrible Day, I’ll play tennis.

It is also Curmudgeons Day this Friday. Do you know what that means? Seafood?  A dungeon? Little bugs? Nope, it means a day to celebrate “crusty, ill-tempered, old man.”  How does that go hand in hand with Nation Fun Day?

We want to revamp the Community Calendar. It prints the last paper day of each month. PLEASE let us know what is going on in our town so we can place it in the calendar. There is no charge! This is not a place to advertise, just to mention when things are happening. Call, email or send them in!

Make sure you try the recipe for the soup printed in this week’s paper. I can’t wait to try it! Congrats to Evelyn Scheible for winning the newspaper soup contest. She receives a $50.00 Gift Certificate to Ricky’s Chocolate Box! Yummy!

 Speaking of which, you may want to think about reserving some of that handmade chocolate for Valentine’s Day. It’s almost here! I’m sending my out of town loved ones a chocolate treat with FREE SHIPPING from Ricky’s. You just can’t bet that.

Know what else February 14th is besides Valentine’s Day? National Organ Donor Day. So when you say you’ll give your heart to someone…you better mean it!

Have a great week, stay safe and love each other.