Hermann Garden Club’s Garden of the Month

This has been a challenging growing season for all gardeners, with higher than normal rainfall and erratic growing temperatures. But a low-maintenance garden such as Kris Kurtti’s emphasizes garden components and design to help buffer those weather extremes.  She has taken a street-side lot and made it a tranquil retreat for shoppers on Schiller Street. Kris began working on it a couple of years ago while she was renovating her building. 

This garden features pathways on an axis leading to a water feature that burbles quietly in the mid-day sun. The pathways are flagstones positioned in a bed of gravel, which will adjust to freezing and thawing during winter. The gravel also serves as a mulch to control weed growth. 

Against the north wall of the H&R Block business building are three hanging planters that soften the brick wall with a color scheme of secondary colors of yellow and purple, moderated by variegated ivy and green ferns.

Below the planters, next to the brick wall are variegated and green hostas, which lend a little height, to again, soften the brick wall. 

The flower beds themselves are geometric layouts with brick borders for a decorative edging, filled with annuals and spring blooming perennials. All the beds are mulched to retain moisture and to control weed growth. Congratulations to Kris for this Hermann Garden Club honor and for helping to beautify the downtown area.