Bruckerhoff heads up MFA

Bruckerhoff heads up MFA

Ray Scherer

Curtis Bruckerhoff continues to settle into his new duties with the MFA Cooperative Association #130, Rhineland and Hermann.

On Sept. 1, Bruckerhoff became general manager for MFA properties in the Hermann area and vicinity. The job was approved by the cooperative's board, which consists of six farmer-members who represent the service territory. The locally-owned farmer cooperative is governed by the local board. The MFA Oil facility located just south of Hermann is not included in Bruckerhoff's responsibilities.

His approval closely coincided with the cooperative's purchase of grain bins from ADM, in a deal that closed in November. The cooperative encompasses southern Montgomery and northern Gasconade counties, and also parts of Callaway and Warren counties.

Bruckerhoff told the Advertiser-Courier he spends most of his time at the Rhineland facility, overseeing daily operations, employee management, and grain and fertilizer sales and service.

The new chores for Bruckerhoff have come during a time of unique fluctuation for agriculture around Hermann.

"It was a very good harvest," he said. "Maybe not record....Everyone's satisfied."

Production was good, he added, and commodity prices have been the best the area has seen in some time.

The production was "not a surprise," said Bruckerhoff. "But the market going up was unusual."

Predictions for 2021 don't come easy, he said, since any major global or weather event can have an impact on grain markets, one way or the other.

But for now, farmers in MFA's territory are just choosing to stay busy ahead of the new year. Bruckerhoff said laying out chemical and fertilizer purchases for spring planting occupies their time.

"This is home," said Bruckerhoff when reflecting on his new position, while noting the importance of family. He previously worked for MFA Inc. for 28 years, serving in such capacities as manager and salesman in locations across eastern and southeastern Missouri.