Hermann Memories

Thelma Kattelmann: Thelma remembers fishing with her Mom and Dad and catching more perch and bass than catfish. She remembers going down to dances with her brothers at the age of fifteen. She also loved going to picnics with her Family. Thelma has great memories of riding on Ferris wheels and enjoying county fairs.

Georgia Jordan: Georgia was born in Hermann, MO on June 20th, 1939. She lived on Schiller Street until she was 20. Her first grade class was in the Hermann German School Museum. She went there until sixth grade and then they were moved to the High School for more room. Since Georgia lived on Schiller street, she could walk to school alone. She loved that old school and the teachers. She studied piano while attending school from 1st grade until her Senior year of high school. Georgia married Kenneth Jordan who was also born in Hermann. Kenneth was in the military and they traveled mostly overseas until he retired. They then lived in Colorado until he finally retired from his current job and they made the decision to move back to Hermann after 42 years. Georgia never realized what wonderful memories would await her as they crossed in to Hermann over the bridge. Her music has stayed with her for over 75 years. Georgia still entertains with her piano music as she plays for her wonderful Friends here at Victorian Place where she now lives.