New Casey's open for business

New Casey's open

for business

Ray Scherer

Hermann's brand-spanking new Casey's convenience store is officially open for business as of today, Thursday, Oct. 14.

The new store threw open its doors to customers at 4 a.m., according to Store Manager Katrina Lagemann, who spoke in an exclusive interview with the Advertiser-Courier.

The new Casey's supplants the former Hermann Fuel Mart, which had operated at 115 Missouri Highway 19. Daily hours for the time being will be 4 a.m. to midnight, said Lagemann, who will attempting an effort to transform the store into a 24-hour Casey's. If that effort fails, then Lagemann said she will seek to ensure that the store's eight fuel pumps can accept credit cards for customers to access at any time they have the need. There are two more gas pumps at the new facility than at the old store, and they dispense such blends as 87E and diesel. There are two restrooms with multiple stalls.

The new store has considerably more room and more parking than the previous Casey's, which was located at 811 Market St. Among the new items are iced coffee and slushie machines, which the old store never had to offer customers. More fountain sodas are available.

The expanded kitchen will feature traditional Casey's items of the past, such as breakfast food, but also add on such culinary fare as subs, salads, and wraps, Lagemann said. The doughnut case is larger, plus there are also some new breakfast items. There are also sandwiches with harvest grain bread, plus an extra warmer for the kitchen. There's also all-new machinery and dishes.

"Everything is made to order," said Lagemann, who noted that perishable kitchen items and kitchen supplies made it over from the old store. All other food items are being given to the Hermann Community Food Pantry.

"All Casey's changed to bean-to-cup" coffee, she added, with each cup ground fresh for the customer. There are more liquor and grocery items, and a walk-in beer cave -- plus additional displays for alcoholic beverages. Frozen groceries are also being offered.

The store will continue with a soft opening for now, but with Lagemann pointing out there are plans for a grand opening in two weeks.