Remember When

1876 145 Years ago

The Fourth of July celebration procession committee at its last meeting appointed the following gentlemen as marshal to supervise the grand procession. Grand Marshal,Col. Julius Hundhausen.

The town Board of Trustees at its last meeting passed a resolution making it an offense for persons to pluck flowers from the grave of a nonrelative in the public cemetery.

 Dean W. Tainter, Esq., is busily engaged in making a pond to furnish water for his mill. He intends pushing things until the mill is in-running order and then he’ll “continue pushing."

The old canon, which is been so long neglected is now being put in order, so that he can be used to fire the salute next 4 of July.

 Last Monday was a gala day for the Bergerites; pic nic and ball at day ends and all of the fun imaginable.

One of our friends, who made a trip to the southern part of the county, reports a condition of crops as very promising.

Mr. Fr. Muench has accepted the invitation to address the people of Gasconade County at our Centennial celebration on 4 July. Hooray for Papa Muench!

 The Centennial Pic Nic committee will rent the booths at the fairgrounds for July 4 to the highest bidder on next Sunday at 5 PM. At the same time it will take bids for the erection of the speaker's platform and the furnishing of tables and benches. All carpenters will find it in their interest to be present.

Died- yesterday morning at 3 o'clock, Emilie, the daughter of Henry Sohns and wife, aged a few days less than one year. The funeral took place this afternoon at 4 o'clock, from the residence of the bereaved parents, who have heartfelt sympathy of the community.

 Last Sunday while several children were playing on a swing at the residents of Mrs.T. Poeschel, Emma Graf age 13 pushed one of her playmates and as the swing was returning, she thought she would also take a ride and held fast to the rope; unfortunately she was thrown with such force against a tree as to break her left collarbone. She was at once taken to the office of Dr. Feldmann, who rendered the necessary aid and now the patient is in a fair way to recover.