Cathi's Corner

Mother’s day was awesome for me and I hope it was for you too. I was able to see my granddaughters finally. In fact, I took them their Christmas gifts. I hope this pandemic continues on the downward path. Not being with your loved ones is so difficult!

Are you ready for Maifest? Sounds like the place to be is the amphitheater and any place you look will be music. The wineries will be hopping and the streets will be crowded. So Hermann’s biggest industry will be in full swing.

School is winding down and graduation is almost upon us. The 26th of May will be the graduation booklet. If you still haven’t sponsored your senior, give us a call!

So the Brush and Palettte club is working on more renovations here in town. They really are a wonder of a group. Hermann owes them a giant wine glass of thanks for all they do in town. Hermann is beautiful but the Brush and Palette are like a cherry on top of your favorite sundae. Thank you!

I was made aware that another community church is holding online services, EEC. I love having church online! As I drove back from Arkansas, I listened to the Hermann United Methodist.

The first bus tour made its way to town. The Historic Hermann Museum was showing our guests a good time but boy, do I miss Kay Schwinke. I enjoyed watching her bop around town making sure our bus tours were on time and having fun. I don’t know how many thousands of Visitor Guides she used for the packets she had prepared for the bus tours, but she was always prepared. The ladies at the Welcome Center always gave her a helping hand.

Speaking of the Visitors Center, I wonder how things will go this festival without those ambassadors. Such a beautiful building since the makeover. Thanks Jack Baumstark and everyone who put work into making the old firehouse something beautiful. I hear older people talk about having dances in the upstairs. I wonder how many people in the future will talk about listening to music at Adam Puchta or touring Hermann Farm; It’s not that long before our lives become lives of someone else’s history lesson.

Congrats to John Brenner and his new business office in the shopping center by Village Market. Shelter Insurance has never looked so good!

I hope you enjoy Maifest. The Market Street Arts and Crafts fair will be fun as well as the parade Saturday afternoon. The Maker’s Market is new this year and promises to very enjoyable. The Lions Club will be selling food there so you know that will be delicious!

Have a great week, stay safe and love each other.