Church Service in Print at the HAC

Not long ago we celebrated Easter Sunday or sometimes it's called Resurection day.


My family and I were very excited about Easter and ready to celebrate THE RESURECTION OF JESUS as we have always done as both children long ago and adults and parents and even grand parents now today.

As Easter Sunday came and went, for the first time I wasn't in a church and I felt as if I was betraying my faith. You see, I have celebrated Easter all around the world and in the most war like environments. In Sudan Africa I sat on a church pew made from a fallen tree. We were so tightly jammed next to each other it was cheek to cheek.

In Egypt,  I prayed with the Coptic Christians while sometimes looking out the window to see the great pyramids. In Iraq and Afghanistan I had worshiped on Easter with explosions and Gun fire in the background. In my entire lifetime I had never let anything keep me away from Celebrating the resurrection of Jesus right out in the open and unashamed.

Easter came and went and even though I wasn't able to go to church due to the corona virus  I was able to use modern technology to spread the Easter story to as many as would listen. I tried to preach and spread the good news that God sent his son Jesus to earth for you and I, so that whoever believes in him as the foretold Christ, as the son of God, as the messiah and savoir of the world would inherit the kingdom of God. I didn't give up and you shouldn't either. Don't let anyone or anything keep you from saying "thank you God for all you do for us. Thank you for giving us life itself." Life is a gift , don't waste it.  Happy Easter  , happy resurrection day, the day Jesus rose from the dead and mankind got a second chance.


Now may God bless you and keep you, may he make his face to shine upon you, and give you peace.  Amen


Clyde Zelch serves as Chaplain and minister of the Old Village Church near Rosebud.

Zelch has served in the U.S. Military and worked for the U.S. State department all over the world. And Studied Christian Theology in Egypt .



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