Corona from a Kid's Point of View

Alli Boedges


 This is the pandemic from a kid’s point of view. I turned 14 at the beginning of February this year. School shut down in March, and online or at-home schooling began. The coronavirus has changed the world we live in today in ways that many of us never imagined would happen. Right now it seems like our country is falling apart, but this was not the case only 6 or 7 months ago. 

It is well known that adults and kids think very differently when placed in the same situation. I was an 8th grader at Hermann Middle School this past year, this is what was going through my mind as the “Wuhan Flu” was making its way into our country. 


Phase 1: This disease is never going to reach us. China is so stupid. Why in the world would someone eat a bat, how dumb do you have to be?


Phase 2: Okay, so we have a few cases. Big deal. All those cases are in big cities anyway, it’s never going to reach Hermann. 

What does this thing do to you anyways? Give you a cold… why is this such a big deal?


Phase 3: Oh look, St. Louis has a case! That’s kind of cool. Oh wait. Never mind. They have three cases. Wow! New York has a lot. 

Still none near us, but I heard some teachers talking about being worried. I hope they shut down school, that would be awesome! It would be like having extra Spring Break. They were shutting down schools in Washington state and New York. That would be so cool.


Phase 4: Now Kansas City and St. Louis have a lot of cases... There are some in Columbia and Jefferson City too. Some of our teachers are talking about online schooling. It doesn’t seem too difficult, does it? I think it might be easier than normal school! We should totally shut down!


Phase 5: Lots of cases all across Missouri, but still none around here, we probably aren’t ever going to get it! Schools all around our area have shut down, I think we are next. This is great! It’ll be like an eternal snow day!


Phase 6: Woohoo!! School is officially out folks! Day 1 of quarantine and it feels like a weekend. I slept in, wore pajama pants all day. We get summer early, and the work isn’t that hard either. You know what? This is the first day, I have plenty of time. I’ll do this work tomorrow. This is FANTASTIC!


Phase 7: Day 7 of quarantine. This online school thing is really getting annoying. It would be so much better if I didn’t have to do it. This is still great though! I just hang out at home, watch Netflix, cuddle with my dog, and do a few chores. It’s pretty awesome.


Phase 8: Day ??? of quarantine. I’m bored. Really, really bored. I miss people. I’m tired of my family. I want to go back to school.


Phase 9: So now there are multiple cases in Gasconade and Montgomery County. I never thought it would get this close to home. At least school is almost over.


  Phase Summer: It’s summer vacation now, but I feel like it was already summer for 2 months. It’s warmer now at least. This corona thing is far worse than I thought it would be. 


County fairs were canceled. Pretty much all summer camps, including summer season for sports are being postponed or canceled.


Phase ???: Summer season is back on! Cases are constantly on the rise. With the election just around the corner, our country is rioting and falling apart. People are refusing to wear masks, and all the while the numbers climb. 


   Anyways, happy July.