Patriot’s Pen and Voice of Democracy

Winners Announced

By Hermann VFW Post 4182 and Auxiliary


The Hermann VFW Post 4182 and Auxiliary announce the local winners of the annual Patriot’s Pen essay contest and the Voice of Democracy audio-essay contest. 

The Covid pandemic has prevented the presentation of the awards and pictures that usually occurs in person.  It is impressive to read the Patriot’s Pen essays and listen to the Voice of Democracy audio-essays.  Young people are thinking about our country and what it means to them.  The students have received a certificate recognizing their achievement and a monetary award.

Patriot’s Pen Theme: “What is Patriotism to Me?”

1st Place: William Manning.  William defined patriotism as “a person who displays behaviors that bring respect toward our country, respecting or American symbols and appreciating the freedoms we have.  ….  We should appreciate these freedoms that we are given and not take them for granted”.

2nd Place: Aubrey Budnik.  Aubrey stated that “patriotism is a belief that everyone and anyone deserves freedom and equality; it is the belief that with your freedom you will do what’s right and to keep the principles and the ideals of which this country was founded.”

3rd Place: Aspen Meyer.  Aspen described patriotism as “working the better good of the people … being respectful and proud of our country by singing ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ loud and proud in memory of those who gave their life for our country.”

 Voice of Democracy Theme: “Is this the Country the Founders Envisioned?”

1st Place: Kampbell Hemeyer.  After providing some background and differences that the founding fathers had in establishing our country; Kampbell concluded the following: “The USA’s founding fathers, I believe, did not picture our country to be how it is today, not so much that we are less united, but because we have become a place of freedom and diversity in ways they could not predict.  ….  So instead of envying a government that is constantly wanting progress in ways unnecessary, let us celebrate how far we have come, and instead of fighting with one another about whose ideas and concerns are more important or correct, embrace that we are different, and are even able to do so.  Because in the end, it is what our founding fathers would have wanted” .