Whiskey, Wine webinar set

Beginning April 20, University of Missouri Extension will host the webinar series “White Oak, Whiskey and Wine.”

During the four-week series, MU Extension state forestry specialist Hank Stelzer will share Missouri’s rich contribution to the wine and spirits industry.

The perfect glass of wine or whiskey begins in Missouri’s white oak forests, Stelzer says. Wines aged in barrels of American white oak have flavor profiles distinct from wine aged in barrels of European white oak. For bourbons and whiskeys, the level of charring imparts unique caramel and vanilla notes.

Sessions run 7-8:30 p.m. on Tuesday evenings.

In the April 20 session, Stelzer will cover the difference between barrels made of French and American white oak and how toasting influences flavor profiles. On April 27, he discusses charring and some of the nuanced definitions of whiskeys and bourbons.

On May 4, Stelzer will take attendees from stump to barrel when he covers the long journey white oak trees take in to become finished barrels.

On May 11, Stelzer talks about the importance of white oak forest management. He’ll cover the American Forest Foundation’s White Oak Initiative, a multi-state effort to ensure healthy and productive forests that can produce a sustainable supply of white oak barrels for generations to come.