Shires are the largest of the draft horses and are endangered, and called the gentle giants of the Drafts. Hermann Farm is committed to the preservation of these early war horses that became work horses at Breweries , Distilleries and wineries, by breeding, training and preservation. Hermann Farm was originally owned by Wm C Kallmeyer and from 1915 to 1944 he was one of two major dealers in the middle of Missouri with 50 to 100 drafts and mules on the farm for sale. It took 6 herdsmen on the farm (Harry & Omar Spreckelmeyer, Joe Saunders ,Albert & Orville Smith, Frank Duffner) all of whom Bunked Upstairs in the Wine Press House to handle and train the horses and mules. During the War the farm sold horses and mules to be deployed for the US war effort in Spain . Joy and Wilford Kallmeyer’s two white mules still remain on the farm today and have their photo hanging in the state Capitol.



Hermann Farm is reconstructing a Stone  Banked barn that is from  1790 and each level is 96 ft by 64 feet.  The Shires  Stalls will be in Lower level and wagons in the upper hay loft area.  The Barn is on the rear farm distillery at Hermann Farm.  The Shires are now downtown at First and Gutenberg every Friday and Saturday from 1 to 3 pm for free selfies. Our latest Shire, called Ace, is our latest  addition to the Shire herd and is coming from Idaho and should arrive shortly and also will be downtown for selfies.