COVID-19 In Gasconade County
COVID-19 In Gasconade County

New diagnoses of confirmed COVID are lower than they have been since last July, averaging ~1 new confirmed case per day in Gasconade County (that is, a 7-day case rate of around 7).  7-day positivity rate is back up some, but still below 10%.  This suggests we may not be testing enough, and I noted only 82 people were tested in our county last week, the first time less than 100 people were tested in a week since last June.  Most of our positive tests continue to be PCR. Please consider being tested if you are sick or were exposed to someone with COVID (and not yet fully vaccinated).  


On 4/9/21, everyone in Missouri will be eligible for vaccination.  Hermann Hospital and Clinics are sponsoring a large-scale vaccine clinic on 4/10/21 and have secured 1200 doses of Pfizer vaccine (authorized to be given to people aged 16 and over).  Call ASAP to (573) 486-2118 to schedule an appointment if you are interested and available that day.  As of this writing, we had hundreds of available appointments, and it does not look like we will have enough people interested in being vaccinated to use all the doses we were able to secure for our county.   


Michael Rothermich, MD

Chief of Staff

Hermann Hospital