Progress continues on new library branch, hospital clinic

Progress continues on new

library branch, hospital clinic

Ray Scherer

As 2022 begins, work remains ongoing at both the new Scenic Regional Library branch in Hermann and the adjoining Hermann Area District Hospital clinic.

Both of the facilities will be located in the shell of  the former Alco department store, in the Bavarian Hills Plaza. The library and clinic are scheduled to open their doors later this year.

Scenic Regional Director Steve Campbell offered a tour of the modifications for the new branch to the Advertiser-Courier on Monday morning.

One of the special attractions of the library will be an artists' gallery, Campbell said, allowing the creativity of the Hermann area and nearby cities to be on full display.

"That will be a unique feature for the branch," he said.

Artists will have the chance to showcase their works on the library walls, with the art even being placed on temporary walls as needed. The public will be able to purchase their works at their leisure.

The library will also include two study rooms and a meeting room. There will be a children's area, and Campbell also said there will be two patios: one for adults and another for children.

"All the (Scenic Regional) patios have two patios," he added. "We were able to do all the things (special amenities), at the other branches."

A small playset for children's use will also be part of the library.

"The other branches don't have that," said Campbell.

Natural lighting for the library interior will be another major change not available at the current Hermann site on Market Street. In another big move, the library will be able to boast of two coffee bars.

According to Campbell, a lease agreement has been completed with an area law office for space at the building, with another section still available for lease to a prospective tenant. Storage will be available to the rear of the health clinic.

There will be a donor wall for the placement of books that patrons can use for dedications to organizations, deceased relatives, and the like. 

"We've been selling these for several years now," Campbell said.

Workers remain inside and outside of the structure, despite the winter conditions. Scenic Regional senses the project is currently on schedule, the director stated, with an anticipated construction completion date somewhere in late April to early May. Shelving and other materials will then be installed, with the hope of starting a summer reading program by June 1.

The plans call for a grand opening on a Saturday, replete with dignitaries' speeches and other ceremonial trappings, sometime in the middle of June.

Likewise, the work on the new HADH clinic continues on the north side of the former Alco building. The hospital's board of directors learned on Dec. 20 that the current plans call for completion of the facility in August.

An architect's drawing of the clinic exterior is on display at Southwest Medical Clinic.