The grants are to assist students who are taking classes for both high school and college credit while still in high school.  Grants are funded through donations made to the Alumni Association’s Dual Credit Fund in the Community Foundation of the Ozarks.  The Association is a 501(c)3 organization and all contributions are tax deductible.


The Alumni Association is committed to assisting students in furthering their education and training.  If you are interested in joining the Association and/or in assisting students, please contact the Association at <> . 


Alumni Association Grant - Left to right - Chelsey Moeckli, Maggie Kotthoff, Sydney Whithaus, and Hali Overkamp.


Amanda Witthaus Grant - Back left to right - Dylan Wright and Maya Wideman. Front left to right - Elizabeth Vieth and Kyle Buesking.


Alumni Association Grant - Back left to right - Grace Winkelmann and Matthew McKinnon. Front left to right - Macie Witthaus and Kaylyn Powers.


Carol Lionberger Grant - Back left to right - Kassandra Quilario and Faith Payne. Front left to right - Emma Scheible and Zoe Schafer.


Gary Lloyd Grant - Back left to right - Timothy Martens, Michael Giles, Megan Gerloff. Front - Peter Giles.


Gerald Engemann Grant - Back left to right - Marisa Starke, Austin Terry, Kaylyn Walker.  Front - Skylar Sutton.


Dr. Carl & Paula Pierce Grant - Heidi Hingst.

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Alumni Association Grant - Back left to right - Tyler Hartman and Dalton Gleeson Front left to right - Madison Dixon and Krista Kuhn. (Not present for Alumni Association Grant photo - Logan Bader and Grace Godat)