Recently, the Hermann Community Food Pantry

Recently, the Hermann Community Food Pantry received hundreds of bags of potato chips from Uncle Ray's in Montgomery City. “We were thrilled with the generous donation of chips from Uncle Ray’s. Our patrons will love this as we usually don’t give out snack food so this will be a real treat” said Bartow Molloy, food pantry president.

Uncle Ray's is a Michigan-based producer of potato chips and other snacks such as corn puffs and pork rinds. Many of the firm's chip flavors were created by founder "Uncle" Ray Jenkins. More than 40 years after "Uncle" Ray Jenkins began making food products in his apartment kitchen, Uncle Ray's, had grown into a successful potato chip and snack food maker. The firm had expanded the number of markets its chips appeared in through relationships with national chains such as Walgreens, CVS, and Big Lots, and its appealing flavors, attractive pricing, and unique, inspirational stories had won it a loyal following that continued to grow. Uncle Ray’s is owned by The H. T. Hackney Company and in 2016, entered a partnership with MLB to be its official potato chip, with its products sold at over 70 minor league ballparks. Two years ago, they opened a factory in Montgomery City and look for ways to better the community through donations.

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