Happy New Year! Did you know that there’s a “Christian Calendar”?

Happy New Year! Did you know that there’s a “Christian Calendar”? It’s a tradition that dates

back centuries, and the first day of the calendar is the first day of Advent. Advent is a season

characterized by waiting and hope. It’s the season that precedes the Christmas Season. In 2020,

Advent begins on November 29th and ends on the first day of Christmas. Christmas, of course as

always, begins on December 25th and ends on January 6th.

Our modern culture tends to elongate the Christmas season into Advent, and then cut it short

on the 26th and go back to normal. This year however, more-so than any year I’ve been alive, I

think there is such strength to Advent.

What are you waiting for? What are you hoping for? Is it an end the uncertainty and anxiety

that the Pandemic has brought? Are there more personal, more individual things happening or

about to happen for which a season of waiting and hope is especially appropriate?

Of course, for Christians like me, Advent is a season of waiting for the birth of Jesus. We don’t

know when Jesus was born, but everyone should have a birthday. So, we celebrate Jesus’ on

the 25th every single year.

What are your Christmas traditions? Do they include an intentional advent? Might that be

important this year? How might watching, waiting, and hoping be a spirit-filled part of your

next six weeks?

I am hopeful, even in this season. I am hopeful for what God still has in store for us even in the

midst of this season. I am hopeful for what God has next after this challenging time has passed.

Like a woman who told me she wanted to be buried with a fork! “You always keep your fork

after you clean your plate”, she told me. “In case there’s dessert.”

Rev. John Hampton

Hermann / Rosebud United Methodist Churches.