Remember When

1876 145 Years ago

Twenty-five teachers made their examinations for certificates at the meeting of the Institute.

Our farmers are very busy turning under the wheat stubble and pray for little rain to lay down the dust.

Don't forget the moon-light pic nic at the Harmonie Singing Society to-morrow evening.

Ye editor made a trip to Drake last week to attend the Republic Mass-Meeting held at that place , and thereby some delay has been caused in the publication of this issue, which we hope our readers will excuse.

Wanted: everybody to know that Rob. Robyn has opened a new grocery store on the corner of Second and Schiller streets.

Mr. Dean W. Tainter is in town at present, making preparations to remove his mill and his family to Vienna, Maries County, where he has for some time been busy, making necessary arrangements to place his mill machinery. As there is no mill – a facility Mr. Tainter has all prospects of success. We hope he may realize this most sanguine expectations.

Uses of Sweet Oil

A physician says that sweet oil is not only an antidote to the bite of a rattlesnake but will cure poison of any kind, both on man and beast. The patient must take a spoonful of it internally, and bathe the wound, for a cure. To cure a horse it takes eight times as much for a man. One of the most extreme cases of snakebites occurred 11 years ago. It had been of 30 days standing in, the patient had been given up by his physicians. I gave him a spoonful of the oil, which affected a cure. It will cure bloat in cattle caused by fresh clover. It will cure the sting of bees, spiders, or other insects, and persons who had been poisoned by a low, running vine called Ivy.

More gold is now being taken out and sold in Montana than it any time in several years past.

Seventy tons of potato starch were made to last autumn at a factory in New Limerick Maine. To produce this mount required 15,700 bushels of potatoes.

V A Berlin, mechanic has invented a steamelocipede which is said to and serve admirer bully. The engine is heated with petroleum and, being placed on the two back wheels, does not interfere with the driver.

be worth $.94. This will bring our 25 and $.10 silver pieces down to beintrinsically worth about $.78 on the dollar.

 There are men so naturally reticent when sober that nothing but a corkscrew will draw them out.

If the keeper of the jail is a jailer, why is of the keeper of a prison a prisoner?.

1877 144 years ago

 Mr. A U..Koeller had the stone pavement in front of his store torn up and is having a replaced with a good brick sidewalk.

The river is lower now than it has been in the time since last spring and still falling.

  Call on L. Heckmann if you want sewing machine attachments needles etc. cheaper than ever before sold here.

The members of the Siler Star Base Ball Club wore their new suits for the first time Sunday.

$100 reward! The above reward will be given such person or persons who will give me information enabling me to convict the party who set fire to my store during the night from the 20th to 21st of July 1877 C.L. Horstmann

The son of Mr. John Frechmann, who has been to St. Louis in the hospital to have his leg cured, returned home this week, almost completely cured. It was feared for a time that his leg would have to be amputated, but thanks to the skill of his physicians it has been saved, although a little stiff.

 There was to be a match game of baseball to be played on the grounds of the Silver Star Base Ball Club on Sunday last but did not come of, as the club from Miller's Creek, which was to play the Hermann club, could not come here, having played a game the day before and their men being tired out. The game is to come off next Sunday and will certainly be very interesting.