1875 144 years ago

Taxpayers have until January 1 and which to pay your taxes without penalty. If you do not pay in that time, for the first month thereafter 5%. Will be added, and if not paid in that time 10%. Will be added to the next month.

Aug. Heinlein, who, as we stated last week was arrested on the charge of grand larceny, was last Wednesday brought before the judge Berger on a writ of habeas corpus and upon examination of the case revealed, as the evidence was not of a nature to warrant his imprisonment on the charge preferred.

There is hardly a day passes but what we hear of a small theft in some sort of town or the vicinity. Last week some miscreants broken into the smokehouse of Mr.Cristel  and stole a large quantity of meat. Mr.Christel would like to have a little conversation with the party – he thinks he could convince him or her of the sinfulness of such proceedings.

Several fights were indulged in this afternoon, it would almost seem that the site of the execution had raised the spirit of contrariness in many of the spectators. The first acas occurred near the courthouse which might have been a bad affair, had not several citizens interfered and parted the belligerent hosts.

1919 100 years ago

We expect a large shipment of fine orange in most any day. We will sell  $.35 per dozen. Get your orders now.

Will get in a carload of shelled corn in the near future. Those in need of corn, please place your orders early.

“Capture the cooties”, the most interesting little game for young and old. See the cooties in the glass top box and enjoy the fun capturing them in a wire cage of the box. The new game on the market only $.25.

The AC is requested to announce that a big social scheduled to take place at the home O.Z.  Hurst at Swiss, December 25, has been postponed indefinitely m.

A pie supper and program will be given at the First Creek school, Miss Ottillie Opit teacher on Friday night, December 26, beginning at 8 o'clock. Everybody is cordially invited. Ladies are requested to bring pies and gentlemen, in good bidding spirits.

The annual meeting of the stockholders of the Gasconade River Farmer’s Packet Company for the election of directors in the transaction of such other business as may be purportedly brought before the meeting, will take place at Potts Dam on January 5, 1920.

To be given away one big white oak with all the nails and it; will make over a cord of wood. Must be removed on account of large dead top; stands were the First Creek Road intersects the Iron Road.

John Bickmeyer, who has been employed at  Eldridge Iowa, for the past six months, returned to his home on Route 3, Wednesday.

Henry Salzmann, the undertaker, was called to Rhineland, Thursday night, to arrange for the funeral of the late Mrs. Wilhelmina Hoechstenbach, age 69 years. Mr. Salzmann had quite a perilous  trip crossing the ice filled Missouri in a flat boat at midnight.

1979 40 years ago

Denver Lionberger of the Lionberger agency of Hermann, was installed as president of the Franklin County Board of realtors Saturday, December 1.

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