Spotlight: Amanda Oswalt, FNP

When one thinks of a healthcare provider, many think of a child who played pretend and grew into their field. This is not always the case. There are many bright minds in the field of health who found the desire later in life. One of these such people is Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) Amanda Oswalt.

Amanda Oswalt, FNP originally attended East Central College where she obtained an Associates of Arts.  This degree saw her working in the world of retail when a family member required a kidney transplant. While helping to care for said family member, she realized her desire to help others. Amanda would return to school, but this time she would attend Maryville University where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.

This bright young mind then worked for six years as a nurse in a hospital before she decided to return once more to school and obtained a Master of Science in Nursing degree and became a FNP. Amanda was working in Jefferson City when an opportunity to work closer to home appeared. She has lived in the Gerald/Owensville area for thirty years and as such Hermann was a good fit. This April sees Amanda’s fifth year at Hermann Medical Arts.

At Hermann Medical Arts, Amanda Oswalt FNP treats patients of all ages. Well child checks, cancer screening, chronic care management, and acute sick visits are only a few areas in which this health practice can aid the community. The clinic being part of the Hermann Area District Hospital allows Amanda to link her patients to outpatient clinics such as Audiology, Urology, Orthopedics and even Surgery without them having to travel a great distance for healthcare.


Healthcare for this dedicated professional is focused on prevention. Being in a small community enables Amanda to truly get to know her patients. She can know about their lives and that of their families. There are even some members of the community in which she has treated four generations of their family. This allows her to see a full picture of a patient’s life and help treat and prevent any problems that may develop. Knowing a person’s family, school, and community it is easier to understand the complex aspects that make up a patient’s health. 

Amanda Oswalt, FNP, at her core desires prevention whenever possible and care when needed. To her, healthcare is not just prescribing medication, it is addressing everything that goes into a person’s health.  This health care provider encourages the community to be advocates for their own health. “Ask questions; make informed decisions.”