The following information was submitted by StoneBridge Hermann regarding a Father's Day parade held at the facility on Friday:

Honors were also given to one couple celebrating 66 years of marriage (June 19, 1954), Leroy and Laverne Schulte, 

We want to thank you again for all your understanding during this time, but as of Monday, June 22, visits can begin outside with residents and families/friends.   We have attached the letter that recently went out to residents' families, explaining the details:

Dear StoneBridge Senior Living Residents, Family and Friends,

We have not sent out an update for a few weeks, as we have been in a bit of a holding pattern waiting for additional guidance from the state. This week, we received that guidance, and we are happy to report that we will soon be allowed to facilitate face-to-face visits between residents and their friends and family. However, please note that there are a number of restrictions that go along with these visits, all of which were outlined by the State of Missouri’s Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) in their memo to long term care facilities this week. 

Here are the basics of the plan for facility visitors:

•Visits will be conducted outside or through an open window for residents who are bed-bound.

•A resident may have no more than two visitors at a time and both the visitor(s) and resident should wear a face mask or some other face covering.

•Visitors will have their temperature taken and will be asked a series of questions prior to their visit.

•Visits will be by appointment only and will be for a limited amount of time in order to accommodate as many residents and visitors as possible.

We want to reiterate that these restrictions are based on DHSS guidelines for the safety and health of our residents and staff. Each facility is working on their plan to accept appointment requests, create safe meeting areas outside the facility, etc. The process may vary from one facility to the next, based on outdoor amenities, size, layout, etc. As a result, we recommend you contact the facility for more specifics.

This will not be perfect right off the bat. Please be patient with the facility as they do their best to facilitate these visits in the coming days. It will take some practice to get the process down right, and we know that the initial response and demand to see residents will be very high, which will likely lead to some bumps as we get started. Even if it is not perfect from the start, we can all agree that this is a big step forward for our residents. They cannot wait to see you and we are excited to make that happen!



StoneBridge Senior Living