Apology follows Facebook posts that lead to upset

Apology follows Facebook posts that lead to upset

Recent Facebook posts by a Hermann city alderman have led at least one prominent local business to publicly call for his resignation, citing negative impacts from customers.

The posting, attributed to Ward Two Alderman David Faerber, made derogatory statements in reference to the ongoing Derek Chauvin trial in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Chauvin is accused in connection with the death of George Floyd on May 25, 2020. The posts were later taken down, and with Faerber confirming that he made an apology on Facebook.

Yet one longtime Hermann business, Stone Hill Winery, is asking for Faerber to step down from the BOA because of the posts.

Jon Held, the winery's president and owner, has heard from people who vow they will "never visit Stone Hill again" or buy its products because the town is racist, based on Faerber's comments.

Held said he immediately sent an email to Mayor Bruce Cox and the other three members of the board, asking for David Faerber to be removed from office. City officials, he said, "must be thoughtful with no judgment in posts when in elected office, and (shouldn't) throw gas on a community."

There has been other reaction to the post by Hermann residents, who refuse to disclose their name to the Advertiser-Courier, nonetheless saying the remarks are harmful to the city's tourism efforts. Muriel Brison, longtime, local business administrator, said she is awaiting a response from the city concerning the matter.

Contacted late Monday afternoon, Faerber explained why he decided to apologize on Facebook.

"I did not intend to offend anyone," he said. "That was not my intention. I am truly sorry." When asked what his intention was, he simply said he “I’m not going to talk about it.”

Faerber admitted that Facebook had temporarily suspended him once before from using their platform to express his viewpoints, following an apparent violation of regulations. He said he has not heard of any suspension forthcoming from the latest posts but thought he would be suspended.  He is unaware of the particular regulations that may have prevented him from using Facebook for that earlier period.