Brush & Pallet Club’s Bandstand construction continues

Before winter, Hermann will have a new bandstand in the City's Upper Park. Glen Englert and Aaron Ball say the new construction is taking shape and that it is a deceptive challenge to pattern the new one off of the old one. There is too much rot in the original bandstand according to Glen, hence having to construct as replication of the old bandstand.

"There's quite a few angles on this, which takes quite a bit of time," he says, but noted, this project is a labor of love for him.

"When they contacted me about it, I said,'Sure,' he said, unflinching. "Normally, I don't take on projects as big as this one."

He said the project will have taken about six months to complete. The hexagonal structure built out of kiln-dried fir lumber is taking shape and the braces are part of the design.

"They're screwed in and we also pegged them with wooden dowels,"explained Glen. "We'll be using 1" X 4" tongue and groove [boards] on the roof—we want to replicate it as historically correct as we can."

He said what was once a counter that surrounded the bandstand, will be modified, "squaring it up." This change will actually be built to look like the original bandstand, based on old photographs of the structure.

Aaron is Glen's partner on this job. The Montgomery County native moved to Hermann about four years ago, changing his trade from a roofer to a carpenter.

He said he has used the old adage, "Measure twice, cut once," on this project, due to all of the angles.

"Come up and enjoy it when it's done," he said.

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