Cathi's Corner

Holy Moly what a busy weekend! Forget about all the graduation stuff going on, this town was busy!

In town, Maifest was in full swing with shops ready for the tourist business. With the unstable weather, many businesses didn’t do as much business as hoped for. It wasn’t “festival” busy but busy like a regular old weekend would be. Except for 4th Street Pizza. They seem to be crazy busy all the time. Is their food really that good? Darn right it is!  But like almost everywhere else, they need help. Especially if you can throw a pizza. Stop by and put an application in. You might end up walking around with your fingers together saying “momma mia, thatsa gooda food.”

The baseball team won their first district game without much trouble. Their next game is in Elsberry. Trigg Landolt is in 9th place after the first round of state. Good luck! Let’s all do the fingers crossing thing for him.

The track team did well in their meet. The girls won the entire kit and caboodle so first place is always a nice way to go into sectionals. Don’t count the boys out though they will be running fast, throwing hard and jumping far this Saturday in Montgomery City. If you have a chance, come watch, it’s a lot of fun.

I  want to throw Missy Ash a kiss every time I see her. As director of the Hermann Special Olympics, she does an outstanding job. She is such a special lady. All the smiles that were on the Hermann football field were evidence of that. Joy, joy, joy was hanging heavy in the air as the young athletes gave it their best all day. Some participants had been before and you could tell they knew exactly what they were doing. They had that winning fire in their eyes. Others didn’t know what to except and stayed close to their buddy. The buddies from Hermann high school kids and I wonder if they had more fun than the athletes did. They too, were smiling ear to ear.

The Lions Club was busy at work to keep the athletes and volunteers fed and watered. It was a big job but there again, joy was all around. There are pictures on page 3B and a lot more on the Hermann Advertiser Courier Facebook page.

I just want to mention; I weigh about a thousand pounds, am 100 years old and have arthritis everywhere. Just saying because the track kids run around the entire day watching each other perform like it’s nothing. After the district track meet, I don’t think I have ever been so worn out. Going from one side of the track to the other, down to the field events, no hurry a race is about to start, no I meant a jumping event, now go to the west side, dang it you missed the vaulting to the east, it’s raining but the javelin is being thrown on the other end…my tombstone needs to read: “She tried to take all the pictures she could, Amen.” That great Hermann jumper, Connor Coffey, even had to help me off my knees after I took a picture of him jumping. I’m sure he thought,  “she needs help getting up? She is old”. As he reached for my hand,  ”She does weight a ton and is her entire body cracking?”  God bless him or anyone who helps me get back up when I’m down. Anybody know what I’m talking about?

I hope you have a great week, stay safe and love each other.