Cathi's Corner

Summer is officially here! I am not happy. I love the cool fall and winter but so many of you love the summer. So, enjoy while I complain of the heat.

School sports is over, but it ended in a great way. District champs for baseball is so good. Todd Anderson told me that it’s been over 20 years since the Hermann team won a district championship and only the 3rd in Bearcat history. So, players of 1986, 1995 and 2022…Congratulations!! One of the things I love about Bearcats baseball is the knowledge our coaches have. If there is the tiniest of question on a play, Coach McKague knows the rules and will be right up at the officials questioning. Sometimes softly and sometimes loudly. Of course, if it’s in our favor, he just smirks. Coach Anderson is the quiet type, but those players listen to him. Almost a soft voice big stick situation. The other assistant coach, Todd Rehmert, is the father of the twin players on the team. He looks just like them too. He could probably start playing first base and no one would notice. All said and done, the team was fun to watch and educational for the boys. Great job all!