1County awaits results from test collections

County awaits results from test collections

Ray Scherer

The Hermann Area District Hospital issued an update late Wednesday morning on the collection of test samples for the presence of coronavirus.

Dr. Michael Rothermich, the hospital's vice chief of staff, told the Advertiser-Courier the test collections are being processed through Quest, a company located in California.

"We are expecting three to four days, but possibly longer, before we will have results," Rothermich said.  "Quest has informed us that they are in the process of expanding their facility in Arkansas, and that our samples will switch to be processed there, both saving transit time and them having more staff to process specimens."

Rothermich, who serves as physician medical director for the Gasconade County Health Department, said as much information on the test results as is allowed will be released the community as soon as possible. Patients and their contacts must first be informed of the findings.

"One thing that is very important is that people who do test positive, their contacts, family, and health-care providers are not stigmatized," he added.