In an effort to keep our community informed, the Gasconade County R-1

From the desk of Superintendent Dr Scott Smith

September 1, 2020

In an effort to keep our community informed, the Gasconade County R-1 School District would like to inform you that a high school student tested positive for COVID-19. Therefore, other students may have had possible exposure to COVID-19 at the Hermann High School on Thursday, August 27 & Friday, August 28. Although we believe the chance of further exposure is minimal we want to let all of our parents and community know of the situation.

Hermann High School has implemented procedures to help students practice social distancing and to help with contact tracing. At this time, parents of students who were in direct contact have been notified and students have been sent home. A close contact is someone who is within 6 feet for at least 15 minutes. Please talk with your child about practicing social distancing at all times.

Please be mindful of the signs and symptoms that can occur with COVID-19 which include:

• Fever > 100.4

• Chills

• Cough

• Runny nose

• Sore throat

• Shortness of breath

• Loss in sense of taste and/or smell

• Nausea/vomiting

• Diarrhea

• Abdominal pain

If you or your child should show any of these signs or symptoms, please keep your child home from school and contact your healthcare provider or your county health department.

After assessing the situation at Hermann High School it is believed the risk for further spread of COVID-19 is low. We do ask that you stay mindful of the situation and report any concerns. If you should have any questions, please contact myself or the Gasconade County Health Department.


Dr. Scott Smith, Superintendent of School